World’s Largest Plant Based Animals!

This is my first blog post ever, so I figured I start off with something HUGE!!!

So, the number one question we get as vegans is “where do you get your protein from?” and well you can tell them well we get our protein from the same place as some of the world’s largest animals that ever walked the Earth get their protein from and that’s from PLANTS AND NO SUPPLEMENTS, TOO!!!

Here is some of the world’s largest and strongest PLANT eaters:

1. Amphicoelias Fragillimus


Amphicoelias dinosaur







mphicoelias fragillimus is the world’s heaviest and longest dinosaur that has been ever discovered; weighing up to 122.4 tons (that’s 269,845.809 lbs) and was 190 feet long and you know what it ate??  It ate PLANTS!!!

2. The Elephants


elephant eating watermelon 3


elephant car

Elephants can weigh up to as much as 12,130 lbs!  That’s like equivalent to 43 fake natural bodybuilders on youtube that weigh 280 lbs saying buy my whey brotein.

3. Gorillas

gorilla fightgorilla eating bananas







I don’t think anyone in their right mind would mess around with these things. I know I wouldn’t.  Gorillas are tremendously beastly weigh up to 397 lb. That’s bigger than any bodybuilder on steroids could ever dream of. We also share 95–99% of the same DNA as human and some gorillas have been noted to eat as much 65% of the their diet coming from fruit.

4. Chimps


Celebrating you did 10 chinups?  Oh wow bro I do 100 or so every daily.

Celebrating you did 10 chinups?  Oh wow bro I do 100 or so every daily. 












 Chimps, which share the same 99% of our DNA, might not be that biggest animal in the world, but compared to us in strength they win hands down.  Researchers found pound per pound chimps have nearly twice the pulling and leg strength power than humans. Imagine if they were to compete in a powerlifting competition. I highly recommend reading this article, “How strong is a chimpanzee, really?“.

I will note chimps do eat other animals, including even some lower classes of other monkeys, which they use to showcase their “social status” to other chimps (kind of sounds like some humans out there, “well, I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat just plants”), however most of their diet like the bonobo comes from fruit.  Also, if one is trying to justify this for their habitual animal eating leading to heart disease that only occurs in vegetarian based animals, then they should eat feces, because other chimp are known to eat their own poop, too.

Note: those testicles are not photoshopped.  Chimps generally have more than 2.5 times bigger testicles than us. However, oddly enough in relationship to its size, we have actually have 1.5 times bigger testicles than a gorilla. So, I guess chimps are best suited to sing karaoke, “We (Chimps) have big balls” by AC/DC.

4. The Kangaroos


buff kangroo











I never knew kangaroos were so buff until recently.  Kangroos can get up to 6’7 tall, weigh up to 200 lbs, move up to 44 mph / 70 km/h and leap 29 feet in one go.   Side note: male kangaroos like human males like to flex for the females. ;)

5. MEGABATS aka FLYING FOXES aka FRUIT BATS—–> Yep, they’re strict fruitarians!


girl holding giant fruit bat

fruit bat eating
















Yes, you read that right the biggest bat in world is a fruitarian. The megabat can grow up to 7 lbs and have a 6 ft wingspan. It’s favorite staple food is figs.  Perhaps batman was a fruitarian.

6. Giraffes


I tried to find a pic with them drinking a mass 3000 protein shake found at GNC, but I couldn’t find it.

I would of never guessed, but giraffes are not only the tallest animal today, but they are also one of the heaviest weighing animals walking the Earth weighing in at 4,400 lb!!!!

7. Hippo


Hey bro, like the canines?  ;)

Hey bro, like the canines? ;)



 I know what you are probably thinking, “Really you put hippos on this list?”. Yep, hippos are ridiculously massively strong animals weigh up to 7,100 lb! Surprisingly, hippos are considered one of Africa’s most dangerous animal and will attack with no apparent provocation on land, kill crocodiles, and even attack boats.


Ohhh…nooo it’s a hippo, Africa’s most dangerous animal, RUNN!!! :P  Really I thought they were a rather docile type of an animal.



9. Strong like Bull

large cow












Ironically, some people say we need to eat cows for protein, but where does the cow get its protein?  The pic above is of the largest bull in the world standing 6’6″ and weighing over 1.5 tons (that’s over 3000 lbs).  His name is Chilli and he is a friendly cow who was saved from a slaughterhouse.  Source

10. Patrik Baboumian

patrick strongest vegan









Germany’s strongest man is a vegan.  Carrying over 555 kg (1221 pounds) on his back and throwing over up over 415 lbs over his head in a log press competition. If you want to see a bunch of other strong vegans check out

So, next time someone says you can’t be strong eating only plants show ‘em this list!

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